Kuzgun (2019) – A Turkish Romantic Action Drama Television Series

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? “Kuzgun” (2019) – A Turkish Romantic Action Drama Television Series ?

? IMDb Rating :- 7.9/10
? No. Of Episodes :- 71 x 45 Min

? Set To Premiere On #MXPlayer In #Hindi Language From 10th August, 2022 (Weekly) !!


Kuzgun is an 8-year-old boy whose father is a trusted police officer. He has a happy and modest life together with his parents, brothers and sisters. On a night when Kuzgun’s father, Yusuf, and his colleague Rëfati are on a mission to capture Sheref, a drug lord. The sheriff offers a bribe to Yusuf, but he refuses, however Rifat accepts and betrays his colleague. After that he becomes Sheref’s right arm, while Kuzgun’s father goes to jail.

The baron’s gang demands a tape and goes after Yusuf’s family. They take Kuzgun, but the latter manages to escape from them. He can not find his family at home and has to survive on the streets.

20 years later, Kuzgun is ready for revenge. An ordinary person advises Kuzgun to forget all the pains during childhood. Yet Kuzguni prefers not to forget and transform himself into a sword of revenge.

Kuzgun makes a plan to join the Rafat gang and then become the most powerful man in Istanbul. To achieve the goal he goes after his daughter, Dila. Dila is a girl who lives in London and works as a lawyer. She does not accept the work of her father Rafat and her brother Ali. She knows that her family’s wealth comes from her father’s illegal work.

To meet Dylan, Kuzguni becomes her bodyguard without revealing his identity and saves her life. After that, he gains her trust and with her help, he starts working in Rafat gang.

Unlike other revenge stories, Kuzguni reveals his identity from the first meeting. He clearly shows that he has endured the pain for 20 years and now wants his share and that of his father in the drug business.

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