Reply 1988 (2015-16) – A tvN Original South Korean Coming-Of-Age Romantic Comedy Drama TV Series

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? #EXCLUSIVE – Great News For K-Drama Lovers !!

? “Reply 1988” (2015-16) – A tvN Original South Korean Coming-Of-Age Romantic Comedy Drama TV Series ?

?MyDramaList Rating :- 9.1/10
?IMDb Rating :- 9.2/10

? Confirmed To Release In #Hindi Language Soon !!

? Studio : One Take Media Co

? NOTE :- The OTT Platform Is Not Confirmed Yet !!

Reply 1988 (Korean: 응답하라 1988; Hanja: 應答하라 1988; RR: Eungdaphara 1988) is a South Korean television series starring Lee Hye-ri, Ryu Jun-yeol, Go Kyung-pyo, Park Bo-gum and Lee Dong-hwi.[1][2][3] Beginning in the year 1988, it revolves around five friends and their families living in the same neighborhood of Ssangmun-dong, Dobong District, Northern Seoul.[4] It aired every Friday and Saturday from November 6, 2015, to January 16, 2016, on tvN for 20 episodes.[5][6]

Reply 1988 is the third installment of tvN’s Reply series.[7] It received both critical and audience acclaim with its finale episode recording an 18.8% nationwide audience share, making it the fourth highest rated drama in Korean cable television history and highest rated television drama at the time of airing.

Main Cast

  • Lee Hye-ri as Sung Duk-seon/Sung Soo-yeon[10]
The middle child of her family, she is infamously ranked 999th in school and is the only girl in their group of five neighborhood friends. Though not academically gifted, Duk-seon has a bright and compassionate personality. She cares deeply for her friends and classmates, but feels lost without a “dream” to pursue. Duk-seon moves through the stages of her youth alongside her male friends, and the mystery of which of them she eventually marries is a continual point of tension for viewers throughout the series.
  • Ryu Jun-yeol as Kim Jung-hwan
Stoic and sarcastic, but with a secretly sweet heart, Jung-hwan (called Jung-pal by his friends) is one of the leaders of the neighborhood group. Jung-hwan is handsome, smart, and athletic, often taking on extra feelings of responsibility to fulfill the dreams of his older brother Jung-bong, who has a chronic heart condition. While Jung-hwan doesn’t often share his emotions with others, he feels things deeply and uses his sarcasm and attitude as a shield. He develops feelings for a neighborhood friend early, but is reluctant to admit his crush, even as the right timing slips away.
  • Go Kyung-pyo as Sung Sun-woo
A class president, caring brother, and dependable son to his widowed mother, Sun-woo is an ideal young man. He is devoted to his friends and dotes on his younger sister. Sun-woo harbors a secret crush on a neighborhood friend that lingers into adulthood.
  • Park Bo-gum as Choi Taek[11]
An internationally renowned genius Baduk player, Taek is the quietest of his neighborhood friends. Taek dominates on the Baduk board but struggles with simple every-day tasks. His Baduk success has brought money and fame but has left Taek distant from his age group, and so he relies on his neighborhood friends for companionship, grounding, and a connection to youth. Taek is generous to a fault and hesitant to make a fuss, but that hesitancy disappears in competition. However, when he realizes that the person he cares for has another admirer, he has to weigh romance against friendship.
  • Lee Dong-hwi as Ryu Dong-ryong
The neighborhood clown, Dong-ryong loves to sing, dance, and play jokes on his friends. Like Duk-seon, Dong-ryong is not a natural academic, but his thoughtful insight and surprising wisdom serve him and his friends well. As the son of two working parents surrounded by tight-knit families, Dong-ryong sometimes feels neglected by his parents and makes up for their absence by acting out. He is known for his disgusting nature whilst with the group, much to the anger of the others. His nosy nature means that he ends up knowing many of the neighborhood’s secrets before anyone else.

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