The Roundup (2022) – A South Korean Action Crime Thriller Drama Film And A Sequel Of 2017’s Film The Outlaws

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? “The Roundup” (2022) – A South Korean Action Crime Thriller Drama Film And A Sequel Of 2017’s Film “The Outlaws” ?

? IMDb Rating :- 7.1/10
? Rotten Tomatoes :- 95% Fresh

? Set To Release In #Theatres (??) In #Hindi, #Tamil, #Telugu & #Korean Languages On 2nd September, 2022 !!

✨ Official Hindi Trailer #2 :-


Four years after the sweeping operation in Garibong-dong Detective Ma Seok-do and Captain Jeon Il-man head to Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam to extradite a suspect Yoo Jong-hoon. After their arrival, they meet some Koreans living in Vietnam. Ma interrogates Jong-hoon, who reveals that he turned himself in because Lee Jong-du tried to kill him. Ma and Il-man leave for Jong-du’s hideout, only to find him dead, where they learn about the duo’s involvement with Kang Hae-sang, a vicious killer who has kidnapped and killed Koreans and several tourists, in exchange for money.

Kang’s one such victim is a wealthy young Korean named Choi Yong-gi. Ma, Il-man and Park Chang-su (the resident officer at the consulate) digs the garden, where they find Choi’s body, but the local police warn him to halt the investigation. Despite the proceedings, Ma and Il-man arrives at a gambling den, where they interrogate a Korean thug named Raku, and learn that Choi’s father Choi Choon-baek, a business mogul have send hitmen to kill Kang. Meanwhile, Kang arrives at the house, where he kills all the hired killers, who reveal about Choon-baek. Ma arrives and overpowers Kang, but the latter escapes. Ma and Il-man are deported back to Korea, where they learn that Kang has smuggled himself and landed in Korea to meet Choon-baek.

After the duo land in Korea, Ma interrogates Jang I-soo, who is now running a export service and get to know about a recently arrived smuggling boat. They check the CCTV footage of Gongping port, only to confirm that Kang has arrived. Choon-beak announces a hefty amount for his men to bring Kang alive. After learning that Kang’s case have been handed over to the Foreign Affairs, Ma and Il-man convince the Chief and get a week deadline to catch him. Kang discreetly arrives at Choi’s funeral, where he kidnaps Choon-beak, after killing his bodyguard. Kang then contacts Choon-baek’s wife, Kim In-sook and demands money, in exchange for Choon-beak.

Choon-beok’s wife reveals it to Ma and his team and cooperates with them, so that they can arrest Kang. Ma takes the help of Jang I-soo who, with Choon-beak’s wife, In-sook, heads to where the deal is taking place in disguise as her driver. Ma’s teammate Dong-gyun finds Kang’s hideout where he rescues Choon-beak and requests a backup, but is stabbed by Kang, who escapes after seeing the backup cops. After driving at the parking lot of a shopping complex, Jang I-soo escapes with the money, leaving In-sook behind and Ma and his teammates subdue Kang’s two associates. Kang finds Jang I-soo with the money, but he escapes.

After plans of extortion goes awry, Kang decides to escape from Korea with the money Jang I-soo ran with. He tracks Jang I-soo’s acquaintance Captain Eye and learns that Jang I-soo is planning to escape to China. Kang confronts Jang I-soo, who escapes leaving the money. Kang then boards a bus to leave Korea. From a tip-off by Jang I-soo, Ma stops the bus where a fight ensues between him and Kang. Ma defeats Kang and has him arrested. In the aftermath, Ma and his team celebrate for solving the case.

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